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Alwin Logistics was founded in late 2015 by the Directors of Alwin Limited from a desire for diversification into new and exciting business opportunities.

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Our Vision

Having owned and run a successful recycling business for many years with its own fleet of vehicles, moving in to the field of logistics seemed an obvious move for the Directors.  It appeared that very few operators actually did what was asked or promised. This was second nature to the Directors as Customer service had always been paramount to operations in their other businesses. Alwin Logistics is set up and run with the customer being top priority, on time collections and deliveries and only promising what can actually be successfully achieved are the foundations on which the company is being built. Continuous improvement, development of staff and steady, sustainable growth are the cornerstones of our continued success.

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Company Profile.


From our UK office in Cradley Heath, West Midlands, Our fleet of 15 articulated trucks are controlled. Collecting goods around the UK and delivering Europe - wide on a multitude of trailer consisting of Euroliner Trailers, flat bed, low loaders and Walking floor trailers.

All vehicles are monitored and tracked 24/7 and our drivers are trained to drive in an environmentally friendly manner using "best route" options and vehicle manufacturer approved driving styles, ensuring low emissions and fuel conservation.


                 Truck Shows

We are extremely proud of our fleet of trucks and to underline this our trucks compete at numerous truck shows around the UK and in Europe too. The top truck in the fleet is " HIGHLANDER" (bottom left) followed closely by "QUEEN" (bottom right) The centre truck below is an example of how highly we spec our trucks so they stand out both at shows and on the road

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